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10 ideas that every brand can use in Stories

15th July, 2019

No more excuses!

Every CEO, marketing team and social media manager we know understands that Stories are the next big thing in social media marketing. Stories are where it’s at, Stories counteract the engagement slump, Stories keep you relevant. Great! But what do you actually post to Stories?

Never fear, as usual the team here at DHP has got you covered, whatever your industry.

1) Behind the scenes

BTS Stories tie in beautifully with the huge marketing trend that is authenticity. Whether you’re showcasing new stock as it comes in, teasing projects you’re working on or sharing casual Friday in the office, behind the scenes content is a great way to humanise your brand and engage your audience. Obviously BTS is a staple over on our Instagram as a video production company but every business has a behind the scenes so start sharing it!

2) FAQs

There’s two ways to play this one; either add a question sticker and let your audience ask whatever’s on their mind or share answers to questions you commonly get asked. You can even mix it up by using both.

3) Share your work

Blow your own trumpet and get your work out there! If you’re a service based business, shout-out your clients and talk about what you do for them. If you’re selling products, user generated content is where it’s at; share your customer’s photos of your products to your Stories and add some love with stickers, GIFs or good old fashioned words.

4) Industry news

Give your audience a breakdown of what’s going on in your industry. Have there been changes to the tax system? Get that all over your financial services Stories with some extra info about what it means for each tax bracket and maybe even a sly mention of how you can help!

5) Stories takeovers

Let your employees, clients or a relevant influencer take over your Stories for the day. A different viewpoint makes your content fresh again and can get you seen by a whole new audience.

6) Shout-out your competitors

Many people see it as counter-intuitive to share posts from, or talk about, their competitors but it’s actually a great way to build community and respect. That said, we don’t suggest you recommend just anybody, make sure they’re well reviewed and you know they’re reliable and competent, but don’t be afraid to big-up others.

7) Tips and tricks

Everybody wants to know how to make their life easier; what quick, industry relevant tip can you share? If you’re a sports brand, offer up suggestions on how can people hydrate fast and stay hydrated when training in the summer heat. Home & garden businesses could share how to keep your home cool or your grass green during a heatwave.

Your lawn may be brown but only the leaves die; grass will regrow once it starts raining more often so watering is not essential

8) Go Live

Going Live at an event you’re running, for a pre-planned on camera chat or more casual “I had 5 minutes so I thought I’d swing by,” Live video is a powerful tool and people spend 3 times as much time watching a Live video than a pre-recorded one. Lights, camera, action!

9) Facts and figures

Blow your audiences’ minds with cool industry stats. Did you know that a strawberry isn’t an actual berry, but a banana is? You’re welcome local greengrocer, looking forward to seeing that on your Stories!

10) Video

We couldn’t leave this suggestion out; video content is still out-performing other content on all platforms. You can add video to any of our other suggestions to make your Stories more interesting and engaging. Whether you opt for a professional look or choose to keep your Stories videos rough around the edges, make sure there is video content somewhere.

Want a hand with bringing video into your Stories and marketing? Get in touch and let’s make them devilishly handsome together.

Facebook march at Dublin Pride, showing their authentic marketing credentials

The power of authenticity in marketing

2nd July, 2019

You remember Pinocchio, right?!

One of the key takeaways from Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity this year was the importance of authenticity in marketing. Appealing to Millennials and Gen Z requires more than a great product but, with several brands being caught out as being all talk in their progressive stance, consumers are looking for proof that brands are taking action and not just woke-washing their campaigns.

Authentic marketing might sound like an expensive and risky idea. Many brands have found themselves in a social media storm that left their PR departments rocking in a corner after trying it. Although it can seem complicated, doing it right can have a huge impact on your bottom line and brand loyalty and, if you stick to a few simple rules, you can make it work. Trust us!

Stay true to your brand values

One hole several brands have fallen down is choosing a cause that is unrelated to their brand or does not align with their brand values. Don’t just pick the latest trending topic; take the time to assess what your brand stands for and which cause fits with that. Get your team together and write down the key words associated with your brand, make a note of your brand purpose and start pulling these things together to create a list of things your brand considers important.

Authenticity isn’t about appearing cool, it’s about being true to your core values. If your brand is conservative, don’t try to force yourself into a socialist box. Own your brand’s values and take a stand that fits them. 

Put your money where your mouth is

We could point you to a thousand articles or angry tweets about brands who used a cause for their advertising but didn’t back it up with action. This year’s Pride saw a large backlash from the LGBTQIA+ community, fed up of rainbows on products, especially from companies who financially supported anti-gay politicians. This makes it more important than ever for you to choose a cause which matches your brand’s goals. Failing to support whichever topic appears in your marketing financially and through your company’s internal policies is a surefire way to see your campaign do huge damage to your brand’s reputation.

Facebook march at Dublin Pride, showing their authentic marketing credentials

©Giuseppe Milo

Authenticity isn’t just about social causes

Despite taking a stand being a key video marketing trend this year, that’s not the only way to embrace authenticity. Tell the story of your brand, warts and all. Interview your founder, allow employee Stories take-overs, do Lives at your events or behind the scenes (also easily re-purposed later on), humanise your brand voice.

Outside of social media you can choose transparency by ensuring full details of your products are easily available; where you source things, where they’re made, who makes them and in what conditions. Be open and honest about your methods, where you came from and who you are as a brand.

Authenticity isn’t about being hip or liberal, it’s about being honest and showing your customers who you really are. Do it right and it may well become the most important marketing choice you’ve ever made.

To discuss how to bring authenticity into your marketing using video, get in touch and let’s make your brand irresistibly authentic and devilishly handsome.