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What do you think of when we say “educational videos?” It’s actually a term which encompasses far more than you might think. Today we’re going to look at the many ways you can use video for education and celebrate some of the gold standard examples we’ve seen this year.

Grab your never-been-used notebook and fanciest pen and let’s get learning!


One obvious way for the education sector to utilise video is in their marketing. A great promotional video gets across not only the key information about the course or establishment, but also highlights the ethos and lifestyle on offer.

Working with BSC on their football and language program, we put together a series of videos shot in the style of a sports commercial to grab the attention of parents and students across the world. The campaign was hugely successful garnering almost 100k views on Facebook in under a month and causing an increases in website traffic of over 100% with large increases in key markets such as Spain (+665%), Mexico (+2.5k%), UK (+199%), Ireland (+1.5k%) and Brazil (+300%).

At the University of Oxford, the team celebrated 100 years of Oxford degrees for women by speaking to current students and staff for a short, powerful video which celebrates the historic occasion.

The combination of old photographs and modern interviews shows how much things have changed and positions them as a champion of education for women. An A* in video marketing if you ask us!


Alongside marketing, videos are amazing for educational purposes, enabling complex concepts and big ideas to be broken down so they can be understood easily. Charles Stanley are making the most of this in their series for those new to investing by using video to make a scary topic like finance much more approachable.

From personal finance to personal fitness, who can forget the success of Joe Wicks’ live lockdown PE series? The first video alone gained over 7.1million views as parents and kids got together to learn how to make exercise fun and beat the lockdown blues.

People love to learn and video offers a quick, easy and fun way to share knowledge whether you’re scripting a whole series or jumping on a live broadcast. If you’re looking for some tips for using your videos on social media, we’ve got you covered right here.

Internal communications.

The education sector, along with many others, has had a lot to deal with during the pandemic; not only closing schools but also taking care of the health and wellbeing of staff and students.

The University of Cape Town has made excellent use of video to inform faculty, students and parents about their response to the pandemic, where they can find support and to share educational materials about COVID-19 itself. By posting these videos on their Facebook page they also made it easy for members of the university to share them with friends and family, spreading important information while demonstrating the university’s own values.

Graduating with distinctions.

We love seeing how different brands and industries work with video so we couldn’t not share a few of the other amazing ways we’ve seen video used for education and in the educational space generally this year.

The University of Manchester released a beautiful tribute to their community which acted as both a message to students and a promotional video. They show the university at its best while putting compassion front and centre.

Across the pond, Texas State shared an inspiring message to their 2020 graduates proving that positivity and community is what will get us all through.

And of course we’ve been educating you on all things video and marketing this year, most recently with Joe’s top tips on making your video stretch further.

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Whatever your brand has to offer, creating educational videos is a fabulous way to reach and engage people. Our team are ready and waiting to help you be the next graduate in the marketing hall of fame so get in touch now.