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Last month we launched DHP TV, our video series sharing all the best marketing tips and tricks from the best in the business, and we don’t just mean us! Naturally, we wanted to maximise the reach of this new project so we’ve tested, tweaked and run the numbers and now we’re sharing all the information you need to ensure your videos get the best results across social media.

Video generates more engagement than any other content type on Instagram – Mention.

Grab your notebook or save this article so you can save yourself the time, money and stress of trying to figure it all out yourself.

LinkedIn loves native video.

We love high quality video so we’re not fans of the compression that happens to video on social media, that’s why we prefer to share links for you to watch our videos on Vimeo. Sadly both the social media gods and users don’t like that very much as we discovered when comparing the LinkedIn stats for video shared via a link vs posted natively on the platform.

  • 86% increase in clicks for videos posted natively on LinkedIn.
  • 48% increase in engagement rate for videos posted natively on LinkedIn.

When utilising video on social media, especially on LinkedIn, we recommend uploading the video to the platform itself rather than posting a link to view if elsewhere.

IGTV doesn’t stand alone.

We were psyched when IGTV launched; long form videos, yes please! Links in captions? Don’t mind if we do! We’re still IGTV fans but we’ve learned that sharing to your grid is the key.

IGTV videos shared to the grid garner 650% more views than those posted only to IGTV.

Keep your sexy grid aesthetic while maximising reach by designing and uploading a thumbnail that looks amazing square. Don’t forget to use the swipe up link option when sharing your IGTV videos to stories too, it’s no more effective than sharing it as you would a feed post but it looks extra cool!


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Less is more when it comes to captions on videos. Your video should stand alone so simply introduce the topic or tell your audience why they need to press play in a super short caption. Shorter captions also result in a 367% increase in views on LinkedIn videos!

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Speaking of captions, 85% of Facebook videos are watched without sound, so ensuring your video’s message is clear without sound or that they include captions increases both watch time and views.

Go forth and conquer!

Now you’ve got all the stats and tips, it’s up to you to implement them. If you’re stuck on the video creation side of things, we’re waiting to help you. Shoot us an email and let’s figure out how video can work for you and the best way for you to make it.