Why make a storyboard?

A storyboard is a very visual representation that maps out the flow of your video. Each frame is mapped out with individual drawings.

Always, Always, Always complete a story board before filming, it will become vital to your shot and ensure you don’t forget a thing on the day. there’s nothing worse than sitting down to edit a video and finding that you are missing a vital scene. Storyboards also help you ween out those ideas that seem brilliant in your head but would be awful on film.

You don’t have to be Picasso to mock up a storyboard

It’s about getting the rough ideas fleshed out, no one cares that your horse looks more like a dog, or bob looks more like mary. The board is there to keep you on track and to explain to others involved what you are aiming for. P.s… There are even some apps out there to help you out

3rd time lucky

Its more than likely the first story board you do will be wrong, or at least parts of it, but don’t let this put you off just get back on the horse and try again. When it’s perfect you will see why you needed it to begin with.

Not only does your storyboard need to contain all of the visual information it also needs to go in to depth with other elemnts. Think of it as your map to your film destination.

We sugest that you add in

  • Technical Details
  • Verbal Dialoge / Voice Over
  • Set Location
  • Model Names
  • Time of Day

Storyboarding is a must in our book… if you’ve never tried it give it a go, you’ll never turn back.

Got a story board?.. give us a peek, we would love to see.