SEO for your online video

So you have a video online and no ones watching it… here are some SEO tips to get your video noticed.

We have all heard the phrase “Content is king” well with video SEO this is not exactly the case. Your video could be saying all of the right things and contain all of the content people could ever want, but this is not text so will not affect your SEO. So yes create an amazing video but compliment it with amazing text.

Descriptions and Tags
Start here, use your description to include key phrases from your video and really explain what your video is about. This helps search engines pick up your key words and direct the correct traffic in your direction.

This is the first thing people see so make sure it includes your key words and is a short snappy representation of your video.

Share, share, share
Twitter, facebook, pinterest, linkedin and the list goes on. Put your video out there and make sure you describe it. This is an SEO external link and the more there are the more times it may be picked up. Use slightly different descriptions over your social channels, but keep the same key words.

This is for YouTube videos, you can add annotations over the top of a video that pop up and these that can provide a small description or a link. You can link back to your website, other videos or just add comments about that part of the video. We suggest “tagging” these at the bottom of your screen so they don’t takeaway from your video but can still be read.

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