Our client Professor Richard Clegg, of the Lloyd’s Register Foundation (LRF), gave a lecture on the Future of the RNLI in late 2015. He wanted to finish the talk with a piece of dramatic video content that tied together all the elements that he had addressed.

Together with both the RNLI and the LRF we developed the narrative around a man who is rescued by the RNLI using technologies that may (or may not) be available in the future. We chose the method of animated stills as in the limited time frame this allowed us to execute a rich narrative that showed the key points of the lecture in a real life scenario. We used artists to create these concept vehicles of the future. We then placed these 3D models in a 2D environment of still imagery. Finally we separated and animated the elements of 2D imagery in order to give a sense of movement and drama. This video was just one element of the presentation that we created for the Lloyd’s Register Foundation.

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