Glossy box

DHP created a promotional video for Glossybox to use in their pitch when presenting to brands that they hope to work with in the future. Glossybox currently pitches to other brands using a PowerPoint presentation, but wanted to make their pitch more dynamic and include a video to showcase the many strands of their business. Glossybox wanted the video to be engaging and creative and veer away from the corporate video style.

To keep the video informative yet also engaging, DHP wanted to focus on The Glossybox operation in detail, from the companies proposition and ethos, to the reviews from its customers and partners. With a culmination of testimonials from loyal brands they work with, adding dynamic product shots of the beautiful Glossyboxes, as well as animated statistics, we produced a compelling and exciting video that will make any brand jump to work with Glossybox. Will there be a Devlilishly Handsome Glossybox out soon?

Watch the video to find out.