Boori 3D Video Animation With Photorealistic Stills

DHP has been feeling very paternal lately. We have been working on a 3D animation video by creating photo realistic stills for an Australian Nursery Furniture company called Boori. They have been a specialist manufacturer of cot beds for over 17 years and this year they are re-branding and re-modeling their website.

What’s the brief?

Boori asked us to model their entire product range in a 3D video animation, which would then be used throughout their new campaign.




We have created fabulous lifestyle stills that give Boori’s customers the chance to observe each product in different stylistic environments and with different colour schemes.

As you can see, we have concentrated on lighting, shallow depth photography, and modeling. The team even put on their interior designer hats to perfectly arrange a cozy little kids room, which we are very proud of (and now we kind of want to redecorate our own rooms).




P.S Check out that little Koala in the corner… Isn’t he cute?!

Take a look at the images here –

Check out the Boori website here –