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5 cool uses for drone video footage

20th November, 2017

Before drones came along, aerial filming and photography was not an easy thing to get hold of.


Gone (well, nearly) are the days of hiring a helicopter or light aircraft and a pilot, waking up in the morning to heavy rain or thick fog, rearranging the flight for another day, waiting for availability again, only to find that you wake up once again to inclement weather… and start all over again.


The Age of the Drone means you don’t need vaults of cash to pay the day rate of a pilot. Quite the game-changer.



In the event of bad weather, we can just land our drone until the wind and rain eases off. Or – joy of joys – just take it out for an hour if there’s a small window of sunshine, and pack it away again when the clouds come back.


What we’re saying is, with the help of a drone license and a bit of camera savvy, it’s easier than ever to capture aerial video footage, and save the clients who need it a whole lot of precious time and money.


Drone video captures the true size, shape and layout of locations on the ground, whether it’s buildings, landscapes, events or sites. A drone can tell the same story that photos or traditional recorded footage can tell, but better.


Footage is well-documented in its ability to increase time spent on web pages, and drone video can help your video content stand out from the crowd in social media feeds. It’s a worthwhile investment.


Here are 5 ways to use drone footage for your video marketing needs, but this is by no means an extensive list. The potential is endless.


What you need to know


Whether you’re thinking of investing in your own drone equipment or hiring a company to produce your video footage for you, these are the things you need to know:


  • You need a qualification for flying your drone.
  • You need permission to fly from the UK Civil Aviation Authority.
  • You need Public Liability Insurance.
  • You need to check the credentials of anyone whose services you use to produce drone footage. For the record, ours are tip-top…


Sunrise and sunset


drone video footage sunset


In terms of lighting there is a ‘magic hour’ just before sunrise and just before sunset, when the light is soft and mellow and even. With a low sun there’s no harsh glare and no awkward shadows – this is the time that drone footage comes into its own.


Quite apart from the lighting benefits of the ‘magic hour’, sunrises and sunsets are great to use in video footage – they can be used as a glorious backdrop to your message or product or as a metaphoric interpretation of light and dark, growth, life and death and so on to add symbolism to your messaging.


Behind the scenes in the office


We’ve explored before the ins and outs of filming in the office environment, and the drone is a fabulous way to get some great behind-the-scenes video of your working environment. It provides an overview which can be very interesting to the viewer, giving a sense of being a part of what’s going on.


Scenic locations


drone video footage scenic location


Scenic locations are put into a great perspective when filmed using a drone.


Whether you’re offering a sense of place, or your product is ‘the place’, drone footage is the way to go. Your office could be in the centre of a city or in the wilds of Scotland; there will be an amazing amount of interesting buildings, landscapes and features around you that will give your customers a sense of where you work and how your surroundings feed your creative soul.


If your workplace and product is a feature. like a vineyard or a brewery (how we would love to work in a vineyard or a brewery!), then your video will allow your product and the place it’s actually produced to shine.


Festivals and events


One-off events, festivals, fetes and fairs can deliver great footage for your promotional content. The colourful, carnival atmosphere can be hugely engaging for the viewer, and provide seasonal content that sets you apart from others (think christmas markets, sports competitions, etc).


If you regularly display your wares at events such as food and craft fairs, regattas (water-based events) or music festivals, you have a ready-made barrel of material just waiting for you to capture it!


drone video footage scenic location -fireworks-colorful-sky-night-73814


Groups and awaydays


If you can safely say your office space is the most boring place on earth and your boss has all the camera appeal of a landfill site, the best thing that you can do is to decamp and get the team outside.


Organise a team awayday or bonding sessions (preferably not in the pub for this one) and order in your friendly video production agency to capture all the loveliness on some drone footage.


Even if all you can do is gather them for an aerial group shot, you have unique footage to incorporate into your marketing materials.


Go live


The great thing about drone video is the capacity for a real-time ground image feed – live footage, as it happens, being produced for instant streaming  and viewing.


Following on from the dashcam and the GoPro, the drone is producing a bird’s eye view of life as it’s being lived. It’s incredible.

Tempted to jump into the world of drone video? We might be able to help you there.

post it notes integrated marketing campaign

10 techniques for brainstorming your next integrated marketing campaign

13th November, 2017

Your integrated marketing campaign strategy has been followed to the letter, reviewed often and the campaign schedule has been written, reviewed, amended and implemented. So what’s next?


The great news is that you’re about to start all over again, that’s what. Well, not exactly, but now you really need to be building on the successes of your last integrated marketing campaign, and improving on the things that didn’t go so well.


The brainstorming begins.


integrated marketing campaign




Time for the lowdown on what has gone before. There’s no point in starting to think about a new campaign until you know how the previous one has gone.


Get the numbers guys in, ask the marketers to do their presentation, work out what went well and what didn’t. Did you hit your targets? Were they realistic?


integrated marketing campaign analytics


Revisit your customer and your competitors


You know the drill. Before you start your planning process you must carry out a SWOT analysis, revisit the 7Ps and work out who your target market is and who your competitors are.


No shortcuts here, it’s worth the effort to have a clear idea of where you’re aiming for and what the challenges are likely to be. They may be the same as before, but things change. Make sure you’re aware of those changes before you plan your campaign.


Wins and losses


It’s a great idea to check out any spectacular wins and losses in your previous campaigns and work out why they went so well or so badly.


integrated marketing campaign win


Was it great or really bad timing? Maybe it coincided with an event happening locally (or that you just missed it), either by accident or design, that resonated with your product? Is it something you can repeat? Is it likely to have the same impact next year? Sometimes it will be down to something completely out of our control, such as the weather. This is what you need to work out.


New techniques


Research what’s going on in the world today, and what’s coming along.


Think about the changes that have taken place over the last, say, 100 years:

  • radio and tv have been introduced into people’s homes
  • computers that used to take up huge rooms are now contained in a tiny microchip
  • phones that used to be attached by wires and had a range of less than 15 miles are now wireless, widely owned and make calls across the planet in an instant.


Things that would have been considered to be actual magic not that long ago are now commonplace, much of it no longer the domain of the rich but available to many, if not most, people. Don’t think for a second that things won’t move on, so be a part of it.


iphone integrated marketing campaign


New opportunities


In a similar way to the changing world of technology, cost and opportunities for marketing change too.


Even if a TV advertising campaign was unaffordable last year, doesn’t mean that it is still unaffordable this year. If your budget wouldn’t stretch to space at a major exhibition last time, maybe you can negotiate the price this time, or find a partner to share stand space with.


One tiny word of caution though; even major shows and exhibitions run their course eventually. If you’re being offered an unexpected discount, try contacting exhibitors or stand holders from the previous show and see how they thought it went. If footfall/spend/purchases/interest has dropped like a stone, it may be time to look for something new even if the price is really attractive.


budget integrated marketing campaign


New customer base


This goes back to doing your background work and knowing your customer.


You may think that your target market is clearly defined, and that may be true. But don’t be blind to new markets opening up to you. Brainstorming should include a good look at your customers, and those of your competitors, thinking a little outside of the box. You don’t want to miss a trick.


Tried and trusted


Your marketing plan will have looked at the BCG matrix (growth share) and the message here should be clear. You may well have products or services that are low growth and or low market share. However, if these trundle on without draining resources, there may be no benefit in ditching them.


It’s worth brainstorming growth potential for your products and services to ensure that there really isn’t any future potential before you ditch them.


Bring out the sticky post-it notes


This kind of speaks for itself. The real question is: “Can you really have a genuinely productive brainstorming session without a big supply of sticky post-it notes?”


post it notes integrated marketing campaign


Well, can you? We think not. Where else are you going to record all of the great ideas that come out of the brainstorming session? We rest our case!


Working as a team


It has been said before but it’s worth re-iterating: get everyone involved in brainstorming sessions.


You may be surprised by hidden talents within the team and without doubt, everyone’s input is valid.


Granted, you can’t include everything that’s popped onto a sticky note, but staff feel far more valued if their views and ideas are at least genuinely considered. Brainstorms are great for team morale, enthusiasm and motivation. You may not necessarily know why an employee has taken a job that they are clearly over-qualified for, but you can certainly tap into their latent knowledge to your advantage…


team integrated marketing campaign


Budget matters


It’s important for everyone to know that the marketing budget exists and, broadly, where it’s allocated.


In general there will be a number of static items that appear in the budget every year, and hopefully a number of variables where there’s capacity to try out new initiatives. If each year the budget is already eaten up before the campaign has even been discussed, it’s going to be difficult for your marketing teams to be creative, or for even the best of teams to make any genuine difference.


Do you need some assistance with brainstorming your next integrated marketing campaign? Drop us a message – we can help.

brand video jaguar

We brainstormed 10 types of brand video so you don’t have to

6th November, 2017

Ok, so you’ve decided that video is the way to go to make the world aware of your brand, and you’re in good company. If you can make a video that goes viral with your brand featuring in it, well, my friend, then you’re golden. But how? What makes a social person want to click, watch and share your video?


In truth, the answer to that question is probably puppies and kittens, babies and humour (all 4 of those together is dynamite!). These things trigger a natural reaction in the world of social media that people to want to share with their friends.


brand video kitten


So, where does this leave us in terms of your brand video? We’re going to throw out there 10 ideas for video use that promotes your brand to get you thinking. Check these out, see what you think could work for you.


Company Specific


This is your video outlining everything about your company – your vision, your mission, your product, your services. It’s laying it all out there on a white tablecloth for the world to enjoy. How you do it comes down to what the company does, this is where your creative team take up the challenge (just don’t forget the puppies and kittens, babies and the humour!).


brand video jaguar


The origins of your product will place it in the public’s minds; share the story and the history of your brand with them.


Case studies & Testimonials


These are a great way to showcase your business and its strengths. People love stories about people – the video that connects people to your business, real people, is powerful and compelling and sticks in people’s minds. Real customers and advocates of your business telling their stories is a great way to showcase your brand.




Demonstration videos of your product or service – or ‘how-to-do-this’ videos – are a brilliant way of creating reassurance about your brand, instilling confidence in people that you are the expert in this field.

Is there anyone out there who has never yet been faced with an unsolvable problem and hasn’t googled “how do I do this?” We think not!


Live Video


If you’re going to go out and doing something, then video it! Why wouldn’t you?


If you regularly attend events, host live displays, take exhibition stand space, cook great food in a kitchen, fly a hot air balloon, play football….the list is endless. Film it, stream it, and put it on the digital platforms of your choice.


TV Commercials


If you have the budget for TV, and you can come up with a great video, there’s no doubting that you can get your brand out there.

In truth the impact of TV commercials is on the decline with so many of the audience able to skip through the adverts, but then it always was the time to nip out to make a cup of tea or a sandwich. It’s certainly worth checking out.

On the flipside, clever and personalised content placed on catch-up players (for example; 4OD or the ITV Hub) can make headlines.

It’s certainly worth checking out, but make sure you know what you’re doing with this one.


Social Media


Videos made specifically for social media can be a wonderful thing. Add humour, beauty, quirkiness or content unsuitable for mainstream TV (or puppies, kittens…) and you have a chance that your video will go viral.

A great benefit of the social media video over TV commercial is the length, you’re not restricted to packing your punch into so short a time, and the speed in which EVERYONE could see your video is phenomenal. You really can be an overnight sensation.


Charitable Causes And CSR


There are unlimited great causes on this Earth and your brand may be an ideal way to tap into the ‘Save the World’ culture.

It may seem cynical to run a campaign promoting your brand on the back of the planet’s misfortune but it is a consideration, and if it is right for your brand then why not? A story for a cause can evoke a really emotional response in your audience.


The (really big) Thank You


In a way this is a slight return to the Testimonials above, but there is mileage in video of your customers and clients saying ‘thank you’ to your company for a great job well done.


brand video thank you


This also works in reverse; there’s an opportunity for your company to say ‘thank you’ to your clients in video footage for a great project and outcome – highlights of the project could be recorded throughout the project and edited accordingly at the completion.


More Live Video


No, we didn’t run out of ideas for subheadings here, it just is the same thing but different.


If you can incorporate your brand into live footage of amazingly, stunningly, jaw-dropping visual content, then do it. Polar ice caps, tropical rainforests, meteor showers, anything that really takes the viewer’s breath away. And how much fun would that be to be a part of? (Lots, is the answer.)




It’s a mainstream option, but animation can be a great way to get your message across. Look what Wallace and Gromit did for Wensleydale cheese. Need we say more?


When uploading your video to your chosen medium, remember to make sure that you have the best keywords in your titles and the right tags to increase the search volume. Produce video content in sufficient quantity to maintain your brand awareness and to keep your story fresh. You’ll reap the rewards from it.


Ready to get started on your next brand videos, but need a little support? It’s a big job – drop us a message, we’d be happy to help you out.