What Type of Video

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You have decided that your company need a video, but what do you make a video about? Well we hope we can help you get closer to your decision with our suggestions and array of corporate video production services. 

1. Demonstrate your product or service: This is probably the most common type of video to create, where it be more of an editorial promo or a more informative guide to your product. Well informed customers are more likely to buy your product – give them a tour of the hottest features, sleek design and how it works to make your customer’s lives better, and you’re sure to clinch that sale.

2. Testimonials: Let real people become brand advocates, tell potential customers about your brand and how good it is. Word of mouth and real life feedback is one of the best https://www.buyambienmed.c forms of marketing, so lets get your super customers in front of the lens and tell the masses what you’re all about.

3. The team: People love to see a human element of a brand it also shows the staff’s enthusiasm for where they work. It is personal and people want to know the faces behind a company. Highlight who makes, approves and markets your products, and acquaint your customers with the customer services team. It’s always good to know who you’re talking to.

4. Tour: This is not just for hotels or beautiful locations, it can add a really nice element to an “About Us” by giving potential customers a sneak peek in to the company’s world. Office tours combined with a quick intro to the people who work with you can make a great little piece of content without your staff having time to get nervous about speaking at length in front of a camera.

5. Feedback request: Ask people questions and create a video that requests comments. This encourages engagement with your brand and allows you to interact with potential and returning customers.

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