How to use video: for virtual events

Making your events slick AF.

Interest in virtual events has grown exponentially this year and, according to Wild Apricot, the number of organisations planning a virtual event has doubled. As we all seek pandemic proof solutions for our businesses and our lives, events of all kinds and sizes are moving online.

Screenshot of Google trends for "virtual events" showing sustained increase in interest

While it might not be under the best circumstances, we’re excited for this shift to virtual and hybrid events as the virtual world has so much to offer. Whatever your event, you’re going to need some incredible and engaging video to make it pop, so we’ve put together a quick run down of why legendary video content is key for three types of event.

Business events and conferences.

Pre-recording speeches can make it possible for your dream keynote speaker to attend, wherever they are in the world. No need for them to be fighting to get enough light on them in the middle of the night to make it live! Avoiding live video also eases the stress levels of organisers and speakers and solves any bandwidth issues that can result in lower quality video during streaming.

"Professional video content is the hallmark of an epic virtual event. Quality like that sets you apart" - Ben Collins (DHP)

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Of course, if you bring in the experts (that’s us) to pre-record your videos, you also get slick looking and sounding videos which adds to the overall quality of your event and gives it a premium feel. High quality video really does make all the difference if you want your virtual event to stand out as truly professional.

Fashion, music and more.

For fashion shows, gigs and similar events, professional video is absolutely essential to ensure attendees get the full experience. We say this because we love you; nobody is going to be excited by your latest line or incredible stage presence if you’ve shot at weird angles or on poor equipment.

We know there’s a lot to consider when hosting a virtual event so this is another area where working with the pros really pays off. We can work in tandem with your events platform and event planning team to ensure that your videos capture the essence of the event and are absolutely perfect in size, shape and quality.

We also bring snacks to keep you high energy throughout the shoot, just so you know!

If you’re starting from scratch, our friends at True Events have a handy guide on how to host virtual events but content optimised for virtual is one of the keys to making it a success.


Bringing craft and Christmas fairs, retail expos and the like to the digital realm is a powerful way to support product based businesses of all sizes. Video plays an important role in these events too, enabling stall holders and sponsors to show off their wares with branded visuals which highlight all the benefits of the product.

At DHP we’re big fans of lifestyle led marketing and bringing that into the mix for virtual fairs will take your event from generic online retail to online experience. This style of video marketing can be applied to all kinds of products, provided you’ve got the creativity to see it, which is where we come in!

Planning your 2021 virtual events?

Whether your 2021 event plans focus on virtual or hybrid styles, let’s chat about how some super sexy videos can make them even better.