Eye catching video without studio time

Amazing video content doesn’t have to mean studio shoots or even live action. While we love being on-location (we wouldn’t be a great video marketing agency if we didn’t!), we also excel at other video styles. We’re basically the Mary Poppins of video production; practically perfect in every way!

Let’s get animated

Sure we keep banging on about our award winning animation team but if you had an award winning animation team, you’d be shouting about them too!

Whether you want to build hype for your upcoming release, tell the world about your new brand or create some engaging internal videos for staff, animation has something to offer.

Building hype

Your latest offering deserves the best. It deserves eye catching, scroll stopping video marketing from an agency with all the skills.

Our work on an online campaign for The National Maritime Museum for their Plague, Fire and Revolution exhibition aimed to draw viewers into the cut-throat world of Samuel Pepys.

With so much to distract people online, ads have to stand out so we combined stop motion animation, dramatic music and evocative wording to pique viewers’ interest. Working closely with Blast Design and illustrator, Bradley Jay, we separated the layers of each illustration in order to add dynamic movement and depth to the film. We then added impactful visuals and sound effects to bring the exhibition to life.

Keep it simple, stupid!

Not everything needs to be fancy, flashy and full-on. We’re a big believer that sometimes less is more and simple wins out.

When the Wellcome Trust asked us to create an animated piece of video content to visualise their new brand and strategy direction, we knew that simple was the way to go.

The project showcases how the combination of simple graphic design, dynamic animation and a clear voice over can create a compelling and descriptive brand film.

Straight forward, to the point but still sexy. Yeah baby!

DIY filming, professional post-production

Maybe animation isn’t your scene but you also don’t want the costs of an all singing, all dancing studio shoot. Why not do the filming yourself and let us bring that professional video marketing agency vibe in post?

We’ve been working with Charles Stanley Direct on their cool and creative series of interviews with their employees. Simple screen-recording software and some willing staff members are being turned into branded, polished videos which they’re proud to share across social media and on their website.

Whether you’re looking for branded vlogs, motivational to-camera shots or, like Charles Stanley Direct, interview style videos, post-production can give any video you film the edge.

The video marketing agency for you

With a multi-skilled and creative team, we have the ability to create striking video content that meets all your brand’s requirements and exceeds your expectations.

Whatever your vision for video, drop us an email and let’s chat about how we can make it happen.