Video adverts on Linkedin

Online video is now more hi res than ever, with Youtube moving to 4k resolution! With this in mind we want to talk about the fact that LinkedIn recently rolled out global video advertising.

With Linkedin Video Ads advertisers are able to import content directly from YouTube or upload other videos to promote their brand.


The ads are 300×250 in size, which is fairly similar to the text/image ads on LinkedIn. Once the video has played through the user is then able to click through to the brands website to explore further. “Video ads are currently available through the LinkedIn Ads self-serve interface, our targeted advertising platform that lets large and small advertisers place text and image ads across the LinkedIn site,” LinkedIn’s online marketing manager, Will Hambly.

One of the main ideas behind the move is that brands using video ads will up their presence on YouTube because their hits and viewers will increase with the addition of LinkedIn’s users.
Another great feature of video ads on linkedin is that “you can control your costs, pay per view or click, and stop your campaign at any time.” Meaning that if you have a limited budget or you’ve reached your target you can assess your campaign with relative ease.

Now we don’t have to tell you that we love video, but we see this as the way forward, you can fit much more into a video that in to a small box with text. It allows you to give the viewer a snapshot of your brand and the ethos behind it, drawing them in and enticing them to want more.

With Linkedin being very business centric we think this is the perfect opportunity for B2B marketeers or even recruiters to show off to the correct audience… 200M members in fact!

So we say this could be your perfect opportunity to re-launch an existing video or even better have a Linkedin specific video produced to attract a targeted audience.