Our top tips for filming on the go

We know all to well it can be a hassle lugging that heavy camera and all the equipment around on a shoot, even if you do have some lovely people helping you out. So although we can’t make the equipment lighter we have come up with some handy hints to make the day run as smoothly as possible.


Have Back-Up equipment – be sure you carry a lot of batteries and SD cards with you wherever you go, you woundt want to miss the prefect shot because your batteries have died

Take as many people as you can – there is always people willing to help out wether it be an employee or a friend its alway good to have people on hand.. even if it is for a coffee run.

Use a Boom – Set your camera up on a boom that you can hold in your hand. This will allow you to hold the camera in your hand to film and give you a more stable shot

Ask – Talk to the locals they might know of secret location or have some information about the area you don’t know. It always pays to make friends

Check out your location – if you can check out your location before you shoot, even if it is a quick dry run in a car. You don’t want to get some where and for it to be completely different from what you were expecting.