The Collaborative Approach – Together We Can Be Better

20th June, 2018

We’ve always said that video is the powerful and persuasive tool of today’s marketeer but it can also be difficult to get it right, when competing with the deluge of noise online. To have stand out impact what’s needed is compelling and relevant content which speaks directly to the target audience. It can only be achieved through painstaking research and meticulous planning.

Planning and pre-production are key elements in our three phase service offering strategy, production and marketing. Our favourite part of the process is our bespoke creative workshops. Its really important to work in collaboration with our clients to ensure that every video campaign we create not only looks stunning but also encapsulates their brand while achieving all their initial performance indicators.

The Power of Workshops

We provide creative consultation sessions in order to refine the video content solution while giving the client the unique opportunity, to be part of, and contribute to the creative brainstorming party. 

Brainstorming is a fantastic tool for idea generation, we find these sessions stimulate creativity across the whole team ensuring that each project is an inclusive collaborative achievement. Research by Adobe shows ‘8 in 10 people feel that unlocking creativity is critical to economic growth… yet a striking minority – only 1 in 4 people – believe they are living up to their own creative potential’.


It’s clearly so important to work together to unlock and maximise this rich potential resource.


How it works

During a typical workshop we will present our creative treatment and concepts. Open discussion follows leading to a clearer understanding on both sides of the way forward to ensuring that the final vision captures the true essence of the client’s identity. We at devilishly provide fresh perspectives to the project, a depth of experience in creating effective premium video content and the knack of turning the shared concept into reality within a quick turnaround and affordable budget.

Really handsome video content engages its audience, drives action and delivers direct results. Our collaborative approach combines creative passion with an in-depth understanding of our clients and their audience to make productions that not only look great but compel people to engage with the product.