Sports never stops, why should your marketing?

Every sports fan knows that sport is more than the game. It’s a community and a passion that doesn’t go away just because the season is over or there’s no events on. Sport is a way of life and we think marketing needs to realise that.

At DHP, we know that you don’t need to be in a studio or on location to score a home-run with your video marketing campaign and, because we’re team players, we’re going to share how.

Prepare for name dropping!

Nail it like Nike

Nike asked us to create a really eye-catching promo for their new shoe, the Nike Inneva, to help launch the product globally. With only a two week turnaround time there was no time to organise models or locations so we tore the shoe apart. Digitally speaking.

With the Inneva being designed to mimic the biomechanics of the human foot, we wanted the unique construction to be centre stage so we set our animation experts to work peeling back the layers of the shoe. We showcased the woven mesh growing and moulding itself to the shape of the wearer in an organic way, like ivy around a tree. Beautiful but strong.

The film was shown in-store, online and broadcast to the Nike tribe around the world and is still one of the projects we’re most proud of.

Classic moments, new message

There are some sports moments we all want to relive (and others we’d rather not!) so why not give the people what they want and use them in new marketing campaigns.

To announce the release of Pro Wire’s contender series we used classic MMA footage to remind fans how it feels to see memorable moments unfold, sparking their desire to not only watch new events in real time but get access all areas and personalised content for their favourite sport.


Nitrocharge your next campaign

What makes a great marketing campaign, in our humble opinion, is creativity, understanding the target market and flawless execution. Adidas agree, which is why they came to us to promote the release of their new football boot ‘Nitrocharge.’

They held football trials around the World to find the perfect team of Nitrocharge players. The chosen few were invited to play on the revolutionary Adidas Power Pitch in Rio De Janiero, Brazil. We were brought in to create a series of films to document the event.

But guys, that’s definitely not “sans studio.” Well spotted, we actually used a multi-camera setup including several drones and a 90 meter dolly track while on location but we wanted to show off our nifty VFX skills! Visual effects are a great way to give any footage a fresh new look so you really don’t need a studio.

Looking for a marketing hat trick? Our golden shoe worthy team is ready and waiting so get off the starting blocks and get in touch now.