Sports advertising worthy of the Champions League

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A treble of tips for ensuring sports ads aren’t a gamble. 

Sponsoring sporting events like the Champions League is a big deal; getting your brand in front of millions of fans and associated with the best teams in Europe is a golden opportunity.

Can you really afford to be ignoring the Champions League final’s 380 million worldwide viewers? Or 21 million followers on Twitter alone? Stats that make the Superbowl’s numbers look like a cheap get together down the pub.

Converting those numbers into customers is a different ball game and requires truly stand out marketing content. Fear not; we’re sharing the things we’ve learned from creating video for some of the biggest brands in the world so, whoever you support, you’ll be a winner.

  • Be a fox in the box

Know who’s watching and what they want. The only way to guarantee you hit the back of the net is by knowing your audience. Spend time doing the research on the fans of the league itself, the teams playing, their passions, their lives, know them so well that if you met them in the pub during a match they’d think you were an old friend.

Heineken saw brand awareness grow to 60% among UEFA Champions League fans thanks to its deal with UEFA.

Not only that; know where your ads will be running. It might be tempting to save a few pennies by reusing that TV campaign across social media but it will be an expensive mistake. Don’t waste an open goal, have edits made specifically for each method of delivery so no matter where your ad is seen, it’s bringing its A-game.

  • Don’t be afraid to showboat 

If you want to stand out next to some of the best players in the world, you’ve got to give it your all. Leave the beige ad campaigns for the local TV station; sports fans deserve your boldest reds, whites and blues.

What does that mean in practice? Think mini-film not video ad and head back up to point one for a refresher! Whatever you do, make it memorable. Take a stand, make them laugh, give them some action, do anything but play it safe.

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  • Run it off

The worst has happened; you released your ad and fans are mocking it, it’s being memed all over social media. This is your moment, your test. You’re about to take the penalty for the away team, are you going to let the booing lose you the match, or are you going to use it to bring that trophy home?

If fans are engaging with your ad in any way, it’s the perfect opportunity to get one to one chats going with the people you’ve paid good money to reach. LOL at their mockery, drop into the Twitter threads with an amusing, on-brand GIF and share the funniest fan comments on your own social media. Embrace your inner golden balls and watch your ROI soar.

Bringing it home

As with sports, to really nail a video advertising campaign you need a team of experts behind you. People with experience in their area, people who push you to think bigger, people like us!

We’ve worked with some of the biggest names in sports and we’re looking for our next challenge. Let’s make you a video that’s worthy of the European cup, and the prize money that goes with it!