Named as one of the sports companies to watch by Giles Morgan, Sportable are changing the face of sports with their performance tracking technology. DHP were excited to be brought on board to create a series of videos to explain what they offer and how it’s going to improve player performance and fan enjoyment.

Our videos are embedded on Sportable’s website offering everyone from rugby players and coaches to enthusiasts the opportunity to learn more about their incredible, game changing technology and we’re excited to be a part of it.

Sportable’s game changing tech

Sportable are working closely with Gilbert on the launch of a new, smart rugby ball which offers real-time 3D tracking, kick pass trajectories and high accuracy spin-rate up to 600 rpm. The instant insights provided by their technology are revolutionary for match officials, coaches, players, commentators and fans alike.

Their ‘Smart Ball’ has been tested and adjusted over four years and the final product trialled by England Rugby’s senior and Sevens teams as well as Bath and Leicester Tigers to ensure it performs exactly as a standard ball while in play

Ross Weir, Director and Co-Founder of Progressive, said “Sportable and Gilbert’s smart rugby ball has the potential to revolutionise how rugby is played, watched and officiated” and we couldn’t agree more. With matches restarting, we can’t wait to see how this improves the game for everyone.

Check out the work we did for Adidas for the African Cup of Nations and see how our award winning VFX team can surpass expectations in a limited amount of time.

Wearables are where it’s at

The talented team at Sportable have also created the world’s first impact wearable, and you thought your Apple watch was fancy! Specifically designed for rugby their vest measures forces in scrums, tackles and body checks delivering objective insights for coaches and fans.

As sports fans ourselves, we’re ready to see this implemented in games to speed up play, reduce referee errors and give us some juicy stats to dissect at the pub later!

Communicating the complex

One of the reasons we’re so passionate about video is that it’s a great way to make complex things easily digestible. The ball is the most important part of Rugby so making it clear that performance isn’t affected by the chip and explaining all the things it can add to the game was key in selling it to anyone invested in the game.

We’re proud of what we delivered and Sportable’s Chief Technology Officer, Pete Husemeyer, was equally pleased with our work.

“DHP are phenomenal partners and have really helped propel our business to the next level. Every brief has been handled smoothly and diligently, executed with incredible flare and expert understanding. The whole team is amazing to work with and truly go above and beyond. We’re so proud of the content they have created for us and will continue to work with them in the future.”

Video marketing and sports

We explored in our sports marketing article how sport is more than just the game which is why our sports projects include passion, excitement and leverage the communities built on love of the game. From smart balls to new boots to sporting education, we know both industries inside out which makes our videos truly stand out.

See how our animation team excelled when we worked with Nike to showcase the Inneva in stores, online and to the Nike tribe.

We can’t wait to work with Sportable again and to hear what their next ingenious idea is. With their talented team and amazing partnerships we know the sky’s the limit for them.

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