How to promote your business with a video

Show off your product – sometimes it’s hard to get across to the public what you are offering with just words – promote your business with a video. Video is one of the easiest ways to demo your product and can be a powerful selling tool. 


Entertain your audience – we’ve all watched rude tube, and we know how fast a funny or entertaining video can spread. If you can work a call to action in there too then you are laughing. If you’re entertaining enough your audience with relay your videos to potential new customers.

Testimonials – People want to see real faces reviewing your product or service, why do you think independent sites such as trip advisor are so popular? People don’t always trust a written testimonial on a website, after all it could have been written by anyone. Get real people on video talking about a product and you have the perfect brand ambassadors.

Case Studies – basically this is a way of showing off your work without reams of copy for people to, lets face it, skim over. This works especially well if you have a before and after business such as fitness or re-design. If you can include visual statistics in the video, all the better.

Who you are – People want to know who they are buying from and who they are buying in to. Using video to enable potential customer learn about your business and grow to trust you. This also works internally for business, to educate new staff or introduce new policy or product.

Adverts – Of course this is an obvious one but it has to be in our list. If you don’t get your product out there then how are people going to know it exists.