Photo realistic stills for My Boori website

The “My Boori” website just went live. Our job was to create photo realistic stills of the Boori furniture, so customers could create their own personal Boori nursery room online. We have worked on stills for Boori in the past, and so you may be thinking that this would be quite a straightforward project…

However, there was one ‘small’ difference: for this project there were in excess of 800, yes, eight hundred different combinations; room types, room colours, furniture sets, and wood finishes.

We have to admit; it looked pretty daunting at first! We realised that in this case we would need to enhance our considerable expertise with diligent planning in order to create these beautiful and realistic images within the timeframe.

We needed to render the minimum possible number of 3d files; whilst maintaining the ability to alter the combinations easily if the client asked for last minute changes (which clients almost never do, right?). In the end the render times took many hours but we now have a fully functional render farm in the office to keep us toasty!

Using After Effects, we then added a much-needed depth of field, a beautiful colour grade, and some other effects to make the images striking & effective. The web guys from Boori implemented the images & you can now interactively create your dream room, choosing anything from a range of options in real time online, without losing the high quality finish.

If you want to design your own room, or are planning for a new arrival in your clan, check it out at:

Let us know if you like what you see!