So, as the new year dawns, there’s a little niggling voice in your head that keeps reminding you that you should be launching the New Year with fireworks and bells and lots of noise. That this is where your 2018 marketing campaign begins. But what are the pros and cons of hitting the New Year with all guns blazing?

It’s here!

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Well, of course, you always knew that this moment would arrive, if for no other reason than you would have been working on your 2018 marketing campaign for months now, so this moment is no surprise.

You can sign off 2017 and ring in 2018 by producing a cathartic review of the old year’s successes; a final roundup of last year’s best content and milestones. You can kick off a big sale (if appropriate for the product or service or the target segment) and then dive straight into your new campaign with a whizz and a bang. Your review of 2017 will have shown you what worked and what didn’t, and your New Year marketing campaign can be the launchpad for the best of the old and the fresh content and initiatives of the new.


Bring on the good stuff


So, the pros of building a New Year marketing campaign might be:

  • An opportunity to launch fresh content, new branding, new products and services
  • Take advantage of new, improved and innovative advances in technology and methodology
  • Chance to launch updated or brand new imagery and video content
  • Fresh opportunity for virality
  • Time to reinforce your status as a reliable source of information
  • New year, new you – further your ability to get noticed
  • Depending on your financial year end date, you may be able to take advantage of a new budget line or funding stream
  • A burst of creative energy and drive after the extended Christmas break.



A fresh start

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There is traditionally a feeling that a new year represents a fresh start in our lives.

Of course, nothing really changes when those chimes ring out at midnight, but the savviest marketers can still take advantage of the ideal of the fresh start and tap into the (albeit short-lived) feeling that this is the time to start again and create something better (especially if you own a gym or market fitness and diet products!).


The flip side


The cons of building a New Year marketing campaign in 2018 could be perceived as:

  • The continued economic uncertainty, which infiltrates business models in all forms. It’s hard to plan when you don’t know what the future holds, and the feeling of uncertainty is all-pervasive as we roll into the new year
  • Reinventing the wheel – a big marketing campaign needs to have legs, it simply isn’t good enough to be selling the same thing simply wrapped in a red ribbon. It needs to really tap into new markets or offer new products or new services to enhance and grow your business, to break the status quo. Otherwise, it is just an expensive waste of time, money and resources
  • If your financial year end is not in line with the calendar year, there is always the problem of budgets being tight. Sometimes this can mean that there’s no leeway for anything extra, should you find you need some extra video footage or images, or even that somewhere else in the business is overspent, pulling resources away from your campaign, to its detriment
  • Drumming up enthusiasm from your team, or buy-in from your clients can be hard after the holiday break. After all the excesses of the Christmas period, there can be a degree of lethargy in the early days of the new year which can be hard to break through
  • Sadly not every marketing campaign, however well thought out, produces the results you anticipate or desire. This can be a real set back at the beginning of a long year and can create a need to rethink the campaigns that follow. It isn’t good for the soul, but it does happen and there is still life after a disappointing campaign. Onwards and upwards, as they say.


Get with the good guys

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In the end, there are many factors which will affect your marketing campaigns. The landscape is ever-changing and often you just have to grit your teeth, put your head down and charge on in!

Make sure you have the best people around you to help you on your way. May we introduce ourselves? Make contact.