Meet the young and Devilishly Handsome

Since we are getting more and more projects coming to DHP Studios, we decided to introduce some more young and devilishly handsome recruits to help us with the everyday tasks of a busy production agency. So here are our lovely interns!

Hanna Kubiak

Sales & Marketing

Hanna has got an advertising agency background working as a Creative for such brands as Microsoft and L’Oreal. Her main task is to spread the word of DHP!

Hanna trivia: She recently got told off by the entire office for not seeing the original Star Wars.

Jane Gregory

Jane is our Production Assistant. Even though she is fresh out of school, she has done work experience at BBC and worked on the set of “GWR:OMG” YouTube series . Jane is Jade’s right hand and she is here to help on every stage of production.

Jane trivia: She wears Converse even in the freezing cold.