How to make a social media video sucessful

Social Media… The word on every ones lips, and so it should be! It has become a part of most people’s day-to-day life; we engage with people, talk to friends half way around the world, connect with our favourite brands, make new connections and a whole bunch of other things.

Recently we have seen an increase in social media videos, the aim of these videos, to provide viewers with something interesting that keeps them engaged and ultimately brand loyal.

But how do we get there and what makes a social video successful? Well here are some tips on how to do just that.

Impress your viewers

Who wants to watch a boring video? No one. Keep the content fresh; come up with new and innovative ideas. You want to showcase your company not put people off it.

Keep it regular

Keep publishing videos to make sure the content isn’t stale. This will also keep people coming back and engaging with your company.

Get people involved

Whether in be celebs, customers or staff its great to have people involved` in your videos. This keeps it interesting and experts or celebrities can often have a great pull.

Call to action

What is your video saying? What do you want people to do next? Do you want comments, or do you want them to visit a site… This way you can also track the effectiveness of the video.

Engagement works both ways

If people are engaging and commenting on your videos it is a must that you comment back to make them feel their opinions matter. It also shows that your company is real and not some big robotic machine.

Share Share Share

Make sure that it is easy for people to share you content to there own social platforms, add share buttons, make the URL small and simple and with out being cheeky ask people to share the content.

Hope these helpful tips help you out when it comes to social videos.