This London Video Agency Just Nailed Your Integrated Marketing Campaign Plan

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Spoiler alert: It’s us.

We see it happening all too often. Fabulous, world-changing brands commission a mind-blowing video. Really top notch stuff that’s ripe for viral video fame. All it needs behind it is a decent integrated marketing campaign, proper integration into the brand’s marketing mix and then… well. Nothing. Because that vital integrated work is rarely done, and the hot-shot video can’t go much further than wandering around the baron peripheries of the internet.


It brings a tear to our eyes, we can tell you.


Why isn’t one great marketing video enough?

However big the video production budget, a great video is just one piece of the marketing puzzle.

This wasn’t always the case. We’ve been operating a video production agency for a decade now, and the internet marketing landscape has changed beyond belief. You really did used to be able to push a video out there and watch the brand awareness, engagement rates and new customers come rolling in. Those were the days.


But it simply isn’t enough anymore, and what we see happening in brand marketing departments is a kind of total paralysis in the face of such drastic, fast-moving changes.


It’s nobody’s fault – it’s a skill gap that’s hard to fill and a culture change that’s tough to roll out across any organisation. But we’re here to swoop in and save you from those marketing department frustrations. We’re getting our Captain Marketing capes tailored as we speak. (How do you feel about neon lycra? No? Just us?)


What actually changed?

So much of the online marketing landscape has changed in the last ten years. The key contributing factors have included:


  • Social media algorithm changes. Yup, we’re sick of hearing about those throttled numbers too, but it’s important to learn how to work with them for modern day marketing success.
  • A fundamental distrust in brands. As social media gave rise to consumer power (as it rightly should), audiences have become very adept at seeing through the old skool smoke-and-mirrors marketing tactics. You can only do so much to control your own reputation now – the rest depends on influencer collaboration and word-of-mouth marketing.
  • The Internet Of Things. We’re completely saturated by marketing material at every turn. This has huge effects on a range of things, but most notably it’s affected our messaging intake and attention span (which has now been reduced to roughly second seconds). Brands with budget now push harder to make their online to offline advertising more seamless to increase penetration time, and that makes for a whole new ball game for any ambitious marketing team.


This doesn’t even scratch the surface, but we thought it important to demonstrate how drastically things have changed, and why it won’t do to continue lamenting about the ‘old days’.

What’s the secret to marketing video success?


Creating a truly great piece of hero content like a brand video requires help from all marketing channels – online and offline.


To succeed at its objective, your video content needs to be flanked by two important helpers: strategy and distribution. Both of which we’ve become highly affluent at leading for brands all over the world.


Recognising the need for pre-campaign planning expertise, we’ve responded by growing our pre-production team.

To help our client’s campaigns flourish in this saturated marketing climate, their duties include:


    • Research – No video campaign worth its salt was ever built on fluff and guesswork. These guys nail down the facts and the data required to create context for your video, bringing further content ideas to the fore that pad out your campaign and surge engagement rates.
    • Creative conception – We’re not happy until we’ve squeezed every drop of inspirational juice from your campaign idea. Fresh eyes and extra minds on your campaign make sure there’s no better creative direction for our work to go in, and also ensures we’ve explored every avenue of an idea before production gets underway. Forget “brainstorm” – we’re all about the idea hurricanes.
    • Platform assessment – Our team of marketing detectives will scrutinize (nicely – this isn’t The Godfather), assess and recommend improvements for your existing marketing channels, so they’re optimised for campaign success.
    • Audience profiling – A valuable tool that allows you to know exactly what pockets of your audience are hanging out where, and what content will best engage them.




Let us be clear right now – it is not enough to post your video once, or post the same thing without offering value to the conversation. A legit integrated marketing campaign is clever about the distribution of its content through social media, online communities, print, press, events and more.

Distribution is how the audience sees your campaign, when they see it and their opportunity to not only consume your campaign but input into it. Those conversations are the turning point in campaign success – the golden nectar you should always be looking for.


We know how to get this planned, implemented and reaping results for you. It’s no small feat, and a busy marketing team always value fresh eyes and outside help in putting this plan together. We have a whole team of PR and marketing heroes waiting in the wings to assist with your content distribution, leaving you with a brilliant and headache-free campaign that can’t help but fly.


Ready to change the way you market yourself forever? Drop us a message – let’s talk.