Harry Speaks! A few words from our producer on video marketing for the year ahead

2016 was a massive year for us and our video marketing ventures. Our list of personal highlights includes:

  • closing down Electric Avenue in Brixton for Virgin Formula e for a night
  • our work with adidas in the run up to Rio 2016
  • sledging through mud at Leeds Festival for Relentless
  • our travels to Kuwait to work for the Emir
  • and sunning in Cannes for Lions in June.


Virgin Racing video marketing

As we’ve always said, video marketing is an incredibly powerful tool in the marketeers war chest.

Late last year we attended a workshop with David McCandless. He is author of Information is Beautiful (a great book, worth checking out!). His expertise lies in use of data, data context and how to make it look sexy.  The stats for video speak for themselves, with video inclusion leading to massive hikes in click through and purchase across the board. More and more with the targeted nature of online campaigns seeding and engagement is going to be really key to our proposition at DHP Studios.

lewisham-southwark-college video marketing

Our continued work with Lewisham Southwark College last year reflects our successful targeted content. There’s a massive range of colleges in London, and we were tasked with showing what makes LS_College different whilst appealing to their target audience of 16-18 year olds across London. The film we made on their brand-new Southwark campus gained the most views of any promotional video in the educational space and their team won multiple awards for their marketing campaigns. We have big ambitions together this year and can’t wait!

But you know that we make great content, we’ve been doing it for 10 years for the biggest brands in the world, this year we want to take it to the next level.

Creativity has always been at the heart of our work. This year our creative team plans to write as many creative proposals and treatments as they can get their hands on. So if you’ve got any requirements (no matter how speculative) emerging or just want to explore possibilities and see what we propose then get in touch.

To achieve this ambition we understand that collaboration is paramount. This year we will be reaching out to all our clients and partners to work together to make sure the content we create pushes back the boundaries and gets to the target audience.

Our new site is the hub of all we do; we share our work, production process and thoughts on the industry as a whole throughout the year. So stay in touch and have a great 2017.

Harry Coulthard, Producer