Not everything is awful!

Let us take you on a little tour of the digital marketing and eCommerce space right now. Armed with stats (we love stats), like the fact average order values are up in grocery, pharmaceutical and general retail sectors, and some creative suggestions, we’re going to help you find silver linings in the COVID clouds and turn them into brand recognition and sales.

People are still buying

Maybe not in the numbers or amounts they used to, but they are still buying. In fact KLAVIYO, who’ve been surveying its network of 30,000 businesses throughout the COVID-19 crisis, found that at the end of March 28% of respondents said sales were going up.

Spending is shifting; people are being more careful with their cash but they’re not only buying essentials, they’re looking for distraction and fun too. Tweaking your marketing to focus on the benefits of your products and services and implementing an upbeat strategy could help your business start to see an increase in sales right now.

Graph of global page views for ecommerce by category showing a year on year increase in all sectors but luggage, bags, religious and ceremonies.

Where people are buying is changing

Predictably, being as we can’t go out, more people are buying online. SEMrush found searches for “buy online” have reached up to 27K+ searches per month globally, an 80% increase since the start of the year.

Make sure your website SEO is including words like “buy online” and “shop online” alongside other keywords for your product, service and business. Ensure your marketing makes it very clear that people can buy online and also explains delivery information, this doesn’t need to be in very quick T&Cs talk but can be a part of the campaign itself. Additionally, if you’re not already, consider including shopping on social media to make buying even easier for consumers.

Video is key

Looking for something to do, people are spending more time watching video content on platforms like YouTube, which has seen a 15.3% increase in website usage since January. With stats like that, video marketing really is essential right now. Whether you invest in paid ads across platforms (IGTV ads have just arrived) or are focusing on organic reach with creative video content slotted into your social media strategy, there has never been a better time to reach people through video.

Not to toot our own horn but we make devilishly handsome videos for all sectors, give us a call for more details.

Your audience is moving

Twitter is the darling of the pandemic having seen a quarter-on-quarter increase in active users of 14%. Reaching these news hungry audiences with smart marketing tactics offers brands and businesses an opportunity to increase visibility and find new customers.

Messaging apps have also seen a huge increase in usage with 46% of people spending more time on them than before. Creating shareable content is a great way to leverage the power of messaging as people share your epic videos with their friends. Free marketing? Don’t mind if we do!

If you didn’t know, you can also advertise in some of those messaging apps and also use them to allow potential customers to connect with you easily.

ROI is going up

With many brands reigning in spending on ads, cost per click is down making this an ideal time for eCommerce to focus on digital marketing, and for many other brands to get some ads out there. Many influencers are also seeing an increase in engagement meaning even more people are likely to hear about the brands, products and services they’re shouting out.

Need some help with your video marketing?

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