Making your marketing almost as good as ours!

We have an announcement that’s going to change your life, increase your conversion rate and boost your bank balance. Can we get a drum roll please?


Say hello to DHP TV!

We’ll be sharing all the top secret tips that make our videos devilishly handsome so you can do it yourself. Don’t say we never give you anything!

If video ads can convince Jeff Bezos to change his mind, you know they’re good.

Let’s first address the big question we know you’re asking.

And you know what about video marketing?!

We’re not ones to brag, OK maybe we are, but we’ve worked with the likes of Nike, Sky, Virgin racing, Unilever and Warner Bros and those guys don’t just hire any old video production company. Our director and MVP, Ben Collins, trained in video production at the University of Cape Town before spending six years establishing himself as a director and producer of broadcast commercials, music videos and television series across the globe.

Working alongside Ben are a team of the most creative and talented people in video marketing. We value out of the box thinking here at DHP so we very purposefully put together a group of people with different skill sets and backgrounds to ensure vibrant planning discussions and endless creativity. In short, our team are the best and our work proves it.

You’re just going to give us generic advice though, right?

Guess again my cynical friend! Here at DHP we hate generic. No, really, you don’t get to become a creative genius by sticking to the status quo. We want you to raise your marketing game because that pushes us to stay ahead of the game; the better your DIY videos are, the more creative we have to get with ideas, style and production. So really this is a somewhat selfish endeavour to keep us on our toes.

So what will you be learning at our brand new infotainment centre?

  • Wanky french terms
  • Planning like a pro
  • Ensuring your visuals are on point
  • Making your audio as sexy as your video
  • At home alternatives to expensive tech
  • Video conferencing like a rock star

It’s not just us you’ll be hearing from either; we’ll be chatting to some of our clients and the most creative people in the tech and marketing world.

Frankly, we’ve got something for everyone. Whether you’re a small business owner looking to improve your video content, a vlogger, or even a big corporate looking to add some extra shine to your video marketing, you’re going to learn something useful from DHP TV.

“The team are always full of ideas that are helping us to shape our brand.” – ai Corporation⁠

The DHP TV challenge

As it’s 2020 we can’t launch without a challenge (or a very large beer) so we challenge you to take our advice and run with it! Hop on over to DHP TV and create a video implementing what you’ve learned. Don’t forget to tag us and use the hashtag #DHPTV so we can tell you how awesome you are and share your epic content.

Head over the DHP TV right now and become the Hitchcock, Boyle or Scott you were born to be!