Thank you Melbo! DHP Production Intern

Well, hello there! My name is Melody, and I have been the DHP Production Intern for the past three months.

I am a 3rd Year English Literature & Philosophy student from London. I have been working with the team on their summer projects and shoots, learning an incalculable amount and being present through the recent office move. In my personal time, I write short films, poetry and fiction, paint, do yoga and wander around looking for new music/art/vintage trinkets. I also love aircraft and shooting. (Bet you didn’t see that coming.)

Since May, I have been assisting Chloe with all of DHP’s production processes, contributing to creative planning and delving into research. There has been a lot to absorb, but the environment is like home.

I have loved being here, and have made some very handsome friends indeed.

Love and light,

Melody x