DHP helps DS Virgin Racing boost its profile

The DHP Studios team have quite literally been revving up their engines and gearing up for this shoot (all puns intended). Amazing cars. Incredible drivers and an interactive creative marketing campaign to top all others; it can only be DS Virgin Racing.

DS Virgin Racing


What was the brief?

DS Virgin Racing asked us to create a dramatic promo for the run up to the FIA Formula E London Races in 2016 to generate excitement, promote the drivers #fanboost chances and showcase the new UK themed bodywork.


What’s #fanboost?

#fanboost is how DS Virgin Racing fans show support for the racing driver of their choice. By using the hashtag on social media as well as the driver’s name, fans can show support in the build up to race days as well as win the chance to be connected to the driver, receiving an exclusive personalised video and other special prizes.


What did we do?

In close collaboration with our friends at Pitch Marketing Group, we had exclusive access to the car and driver Sam Bird for one night only in Electric Avenue, Brixton.

With this limited and intense timeframe we had to shoot fast – capturing high quality key shots with a view to bringing the film to life in post-production.

Using photogrammetry and camera projection techniques, we created lightning and bolts of electricity in post.


DS Virgin Racing


How much coverage did we gain?

The finished product received over one hundred thousand views in the first week and numbers continue to rise.


Where can you see the full video?

Head to our client page to watch our video of Sam Bird on Electric Avenue in full.


It was a real pleasure to be involved in such an innovative and exciting sport. We’d like to say a huge thank you to DS virgin Racing and the peeps at Pitch Marketing Group for being so wonderful to collaborate with – here’s to more videos and fast cars!