Devilishly creative marketing

Here at DHP one of the things we pride ourselves on is our creative marketing, in fact, we like to think we’re creative geniuses. Cocky? We don’t think so, in fact we’ve created this whole blog post to back up that statement.

Are you ready to take a peek at the process behind some of our sexiest videos? Let’s do it!

Paint. Speaker. Action.

To generate excitement for an A-list charity event hosted by The Who front-man Roger Daltrey and artist Jake Chapman you might think you’d need a huge production team, a set full of celebrities and lots of fancy effects. Instead we opted for simple, stylish and, of course, sexy.

The event was a fusion of pop music and art so we took some red, white and blue paint, created The Who’s classic Mod emblem and used the vibrations of the band’s music to send drops flying. Shooting at 250 frames per second allowed us to capture the paint being projected off of the mini-speaker in slow motion and ensure a stand out video which was featured on a website, invitations sent out to the exclusive guest list and screened at the venue on the night.

Not bad for a video created and shot entirely in the studio but once could be a creative fluke…

From bikers to brushes

When innovative hair brand, Tangle Teezer, asked us to create a video to announce their support of the Teenage Cancer Trust we knew it needed to be extra special. Our team looked high and low for inspiration and they found it in a motorbike display video from the 1950s. We did say they were creative geniuses!

To contrast the black and white of the original video, we made our display team of Tangle Teezers bright and bold but equally impressive with their synchronisation skills. The entire video was created in the studio by our animation experts, no location, model or other extra expenses and the end result was a fun, on-brand way to display the variety of products and shout about an amazing charity partner.

Third time’s the charm, right?

Men in makeup

We were excited when the hottest brand in beauty, War Paint, contacted us to create a top-line video campaign for their men’s makeup line. Danny’s passion had to come across in the final cut but it needed to focus on the strong brand identity and message that they have built.

With men’s makeup still being a bit taboo, we combined beautiful product focused shots with a powerful, masculine feel to challenge the stigma and stereotyping. Over a one day shoot we used four models to demonstrate the diversity of men and versatility of the product, finally delivering an impressive campaign to a very happy War Paint team.

You even got to see us in action there!

Ready to give your marketing a creative makeover?

From big brands to B2B and anywhere in-between, our devilishly talented team can bring some sexy to your marketing with our creative twists.

Convinced? Great, drop us an email and let’s get creative.