Marketing Tips

How The Finance Sector Can Bring Marketing Videos To Life Using Drama

11th March, 2019

Finance is only sexy when you’re counting your millions, amirite?   But even the most hard-going, intricate and – dare we say it –... read more

viral video ingredients mario kart flash mob

Marketing Tips

6 Crucial Viral Video Ingredients For The Tech Industry

25th February, 2019

Hands up who spent their childhood playing Mario Kart? Of course you did. We all did. Mario Kart is one of the few things... read more

video marketing IGTV phone filming

Marketing Tips

Video Marketing Tips For An IGTV Channel That Can’t Fail

25th February, 2019

Question: How much video marketing work have you been putting into your brand’s Instagram?   Lots, probably. Especially if your company is a very... read more

video production 2019 conversation

DHP Thoughts

Video Marketing In 2019: The DHP Studios Whitepaper

15th January, 2019

2019 promises to be the most exciting yet for video marketing. The following whitepaper – crammed with stats, predictions, debate and recommendations – is... read more

Animation Can Work Better Than Live action For Your Next Charity Video money

Video Production

5 Reasons Animation Works Better Than Live Action For Your Charity Video

12th October, 2018

From experience and through our heaving little black book of contacts, we know charity video campaigns are not easy to pull off.   With... read more

Enhance Your Commercial Video Using Music women headphones

Video Production

3 Clever Ways To Enhance Your Commercial Video Using Music

30th July, 2018

We’ve spoken in depth about getting the best from your video production in terms of idea conception, the film set, film content and much more. Many... read more

drone video footage sunset

Marketing Tips

5 cool uses for drone video footage

20th November, 2017

Before drones came along, aerial filming and photography was not an easy thing to get hold of.   Gone (well, nearly) are the days... read more

brand video jaguar

Marketing Tips

We brainstormed 10 types of brand video so you don’t have to

6th November, 2017

Ok, so you’ve decided that video is the way to go to make the world aware of your brand, and you’re in good company.... read more

filming corporate videos in your office plants

Video Production

10 things to remember when filming corporate videos in your office

10th August, 2017

So, your commercial video production is underway. The crew are fully briefed and en route to commence a video shoot of your workplace environment,... read more

video production company cameraman

Video Production

7 things you need to find a great video production company

19th June, 2017

Without video content in your marketing mix, it is difficult to really compete in today’s business environment. Whether it’s on your own website, on... read more

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