Burn ‘Ride Again’

DHP created 4 animated hero videos for each flavour of the Burn energy drink line for their interactive YouTube channel called ‘Burn Ride Again’.

Brand Agency Vision Nine (www.visionninehq.com) asked us to create a video for each flavour of the drink which are, Regular, Blue Refresh, Berry, Tropical and Lemon Ice. Using 3D animation, DHP used the model of the can and applied textures and lighting. We made the can spin around against a black background showcasing the epic can design, and at the end, the juice explodes behind it.

You can find these legendary animations on the Burn ‘Ride Again’ interactive YouTube channel in the section – Choose your Energy . When you go to their YouTube page, you select your preferred snowboarding terrain, you then choose which snowboarder you want to be, and then finally, select which energy level you want. Each energy level is a flavour of Burn, for example, Blue Refresh flavour is Style – for individuals who want to stand out from the crowd. Our animations are shown when your mouse hovers over each flavour.

Check out the video here – https://vimeo.com/81514751