Brian Solis – Like minds

The next in the series of videos from Like Minds is now live. This session was filmed at The Clubhouse and was supported by WHIP. We interviewed Brian Solis, a Global Digital Analyst, award winning author and prominent blogger who absorbed us into the world of business, focusing on key points that guide the interview. Brian examines and discusses the future of business touching on how to help businesses find and reach customers.

Drawing from his experience as a Principal Analyst at Altimeter Group, his expertise and knowledge on business growth are to be admired.
Here are the questions Brian Solis Answers in the interview, watch to the interview to find out more!

1) Is the future of business a shared experience?
2) How do businesses create meaningful customer experiences?
3) What is digital Darwinism?
4) How can people marry customer and user experience and leadership?
5) How is technology impacting business?

Watch the video here –