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Turning it around together

It’s been a rough year for businesses around the world; we’ve seen small business owners make huge changes to their structure and big businesses use their platforms to support us all through the crisis. From Instagram’s “support small business” sticker to Puma promoting mask wearing to Walktrue shouting out important charities, businesses have banded together to keep each other and the economy going.

As we look to September, many of us moving from pyjama bottom Zoom calls to conference rooms, we’re tasked once again with finding a way to to move forward but if the last 6 months have proven anything, it’s that we can figure it out together.

From chats with our clients and our own experience through coronavirus so far, we’ve come up with 3 suggestions to help brands and businesses find their feet again and hit the ground running.

Work backwards

With all that’s happened, consumers are in a very different state of mind and being driven by different things right now. Now your team’s back together, book in a meeting to discuss your goals for the final quarter of 2020 and how you can achieve those in the new climate.

Tying your marketing strategy in to your goals is nothing new but re-thinking how you’re approaching marketing could look something like:

  • A change in brand messaging.
  • Different methods of connecting with customers.
  • Switching to user generated content over stock images.
  • An increase in hope-led marketing and a decrease in FOMO or fear based marketing.
  • A new colour palette for your Q4 campaigns.
  • Focusing on organic social rather than paid ads.

Erica Whyte shares how video helped Charles Stanley stay connected to customers and grab the attention of the financial industry during lockdown.

Team work

Whether you’re B2B or B2C, supporting other businesses is going to be important in turning this year around. Consider creative ways of doing so from the obvious of hiring other amazing businesses to giving a shout-out to complimentary companies that your audience would be interested in.

Teaming up with related businesses to offer extra value to clients or including a list of recommended service providers in your welcome pack or documentation is a great way to encourage those who are making investments in their businesses to get the full kit ‘n’ caboodle!

Big or small, this is something you can implement to continue the community building and networking that gave many of us some hope during lockdown.

Think positive, dream big

We get it, seeing the hard stats about how you’ve been impacted by COVID is a definite mood killer but, for all the tortured artist quotes, innovation and creativity thrive on a positive attitude. It’s going to be tough but try setting aside a few hours each day or week to focus on your end game; conjure up the big dream that saw you start your business in the first place and use that to drive you.

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Work to create some positivity within your team too; ease them back into the office (bonus points for supporting your team and local coffee shop by buying them a nice coffee), encourage them to think outside of the box and keep open, honest lines of communication open with them.

Fostering a climate of positivity brings the very best out of your team, and you, leading to better ideas, better quality of work and better results.

Devilishly helpful productions

We’re implementing all three of these tips here at DHP and we love chatting to businesses about marketing, strategy and business growth. Sometimes we need an outsider to really see where we’re at. Bringing in a second set of eyes always helps us when we’re editing videos and it’s no different for marketing so come and tell us your pain points and let’s work out how your business can move forward.