Without video content in your marketing mix, it is difficult to really compete in today’s business environment. Whether it’s on your own website, on social media platforms, or high-end television commercials, video is the way to tell a great story to the customer and invoke that precious emotional connection. So, what do you need to be sure of before you make the important decision to hire a video production company?


1. Write a great brief


No company can give you an effective quote or presentation without having some idea of what you’re looking for.


Even if you don’t have a clue about the technical details (that’s their job after all) you can outline what videos you think you need, how they’ll be used, what you’re hoping to achieve and, not forgetting, a bit about your company, product or service.


video production company briefing


But be open-minded on the creative side as the production company may have some great ideas, and they are the experts – it’s their expertise that you’re buying in.


2. Don’t be put off by new companies with less experience


It’s true that a company’s track record is really important, but it’s also true that a new company has more to prove and (arguably) needs to work harder in order to build their reputation.


It’s always worth getting a quote from companies who haven’t yet been all the way around the block – everyone has to start somewhere


3. Get several quotes


It’s time-consuming and can often be quite complex getting quotes, particularly getting ones that are like-for-like but it’s a must. The detail in the quote shows you exactly what you’re getting for the money, equally, lack of detail raises questions that should be asked!


In the end you probably do get what you pay for but not necessarily. Don’t assume that everything’s included if it isn’t shown in the detail – it may not be, so ask the question.


Finding a team to create videos for your business can take significant investment but one that’s well worth it, if you end up with an outstanding and effective marketing tool for your company.


4. What’s it supposed to look like?


Have a look at previous works of the businesses that you approach. Often a presentation will be a demo reel, a series of clips put together to music to make maximum impact.


Look at past works for other clients, see how well they have been received, look for comments, shares, likes and reviews.


5. How they get there


It makes sense to find out about their approach to your project, and to check out turnaround times, number of editing ‘passes’ or changes allowed before delivery. Make sure you know and understand what their expectation is of you and your company too.


6. Communication


video production company briefing


Can you get on with the creative directors and account managers? Are you basically singing from the same hymn sheet? It’s astonishing how difficult it can be to communicate ideas, it’s hard to tell a company that this is not at all what you had in mind when someone has poured their heart and soul into a production that they thought would delight you, and your deadline is looming and the costs are rising. Communication is key.


7. Seen it all before


Try to avoid off-the-shelf formulaic production which is just the same old themes regurgitated time and again with just the name changed to suit the next product.


video production company mapping


Tired old content is not going to generate the public interest or the results that you’re paying for. Look for a bit of spark, adventure, a professional approach and the best you can get within your budget.



Hopefully the above suggestions will give you a starting point, give you a degree of confidence to go out there and get that fabulous video made which will elevate your business to greater heights.


Are you hunting for a great video production company right now? Get in touch – let’s talk about your project.