Hackney Picture House

We love small and independent cinemas so we recently took a trip to the Hackney Picture House. To look at from the out side (despite the beautiful converted building) you don’t expect much more than a down sized Odeon but once inside you realise that is not the case.


As you enter to your left is a stylish little bar/kitchen, serving draught beers, wines, soft drinks, and a small menu of meals. We had some time to kill before our film so shared a few “small plates” which were very yummy and actually not so small.

The staff were super friendly and even let us pop in to look at the screen before we picked our seats.

We went to Screen 4, which is one of the smaller screens with around 50 seats. Now if you are looking for a massive screen this is not the screen for you, but it was really cozy and the seats were extremely comfy.

You’re not allowed to take any hot food in to the screens but they do serve popcorn and drinks. Ticket prices Range from around £6 to £10 depending on the day, or if you’re an avid cinema go-er you can get a membership which reduces the cost.

All in all it was a great experience and we recommend trying it out.

Picture source: timeout.com