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5 creative ways to use video in B2B marketing

17th June, 2019

Professional is not a synonym for boring!

With LinkedIn video posts generated more than 300 million impressions in just one year after they launched and earning an average of three times the engagement of text posts, using video in B2B marketing is where it’s at.

Too many B2B brands get stuck in a corporate, bland or tame marketing rut, fearing looking unprofessional or believing that their target market won’t respond to flashy or creative advertising. At DHP we believe all brands and industries can, with a bit of out-of-the-box thinking, reap the benefits of video.

Here are 5 suggestions to help B2B businesses to break free of their white collar chains and raise their marketing game while maintaining professionalism.

1) Involve your team

Who better to sell your business than the team behind it? So why not skip the fancy location and create an engaging video in your brand’s home with the people who make it all happen. They can nail your brand voice because they are your brand, they’re invested in making it a success and, B2B or not, people buy from people.

For a crash course in this idea make sure you check out these 10 things to remember when filming corporate videos in your office.

2) Show don’t tell

How many times have you heard this advice? It’s because it’s true. Use your B2B marketing video to, very literally, show your services. For a creative twist, skip the talking and set your services to music. This will also ensure you’re doing it properly and clearly demonstrating what you offer rather than relying on audio to explain.

Did you know: 59% of senior executives say that if both text and video are available, they prefer to watch the video version?

3) Don’t ignore trends

Business owners are not immune to the latest crazes so use what’s popular in marketing more generally to sell your B2B brand. Whether you’re leaping on the influencer band wagon or raising your Pride flag, remember to keep your brand values at the centre of you campaign. Nobody will be investing with the high security business who team up the Paul brothers in their advertising!

Make sure you check out our white paper for a run down on the hottest video marketing trends of 2019.

4) Reputation sells

Just because you’re a B2B business doesn’t mean creating a buzz around your brand with lowly consumers isn’t beneficial. If you have social channels for your business (which we really think you should), share your video campaigns over there too. With an engaged following in the general public, you’re bringing more than just your skills to the table and everyone loves a package deal.

Did you know that LinkedIn native videos are five times more likely than other content to start a conversation among LinkedIn members?

5) Add value

We get it, you want your marketing to sell your business. You want to make those sales. You want to grow your client base. Sure thing, so stop the hard sell. Selling can be subtle; demonstrate your expertise, prove you’re reliable and you will find your ideal clients are banging your door down to work with you.

Over on our own LinkedIn page we’re leading by example and sharing the latest marketing news every week, examples of our work and informative posts just like this one because we don’t just talk the talk.

If you want to start slaying your B2B marketing  by using video, we can help. Get in touch and let’s make your next project devilishly handsome.

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How to nail emotional marketing

4th June, 2019

Or “why you should aim to make people feel, not think.”

High up in the list of 2019 video marketing trends is brands taking a stand and a powerful way to do that is with emotional marketing. You can see this in many campaigns already; Gillette have been leading the charge this year launching a variety of emotional and politically charged ads, following on from Nike’s Colin Kaepernick ad which they are continuing with their “Just Do It” campaign.

Of course, making people feel is a risky business so let’s look at how a few different industries could make it work.


Whether you’re a gender bending, boundary pushing label or a more traditional, luxury brand why not get people emotionally charged with a campaign that examines how clothes make us, and those around us, feel.

Our clothes are a part of our identities. They express how we see ourselves and how we want the world to see us. Exploring that idea in a video campaign where customers and celebrities discuss their fashion journey and how their clothing empowers them also lends itself to an integrated campaign across social media. Before you know it, your video about the power of fashion will be generating social posts about why people wear what they wear, using your campaign hashtag, and your brand recognition, and sales, will be through the roof. Winner!


Motivating students is a tough job but not impossible. To draw them in to your educational establishment or course emotional marketing is a key piece of the puzzle. Lifestyle campaigns are a great way to entice students looking for a learning experience that isn’t dry and stuffy.

When LS College opened their new campus and wanted a promotional video to launch the college’s new look and feel, we went with a fun, contemporary video campaign which prominently features the courses & education while clearly demonstrating the fun elements of life at the college. The bright colours, music and use of dance in the video alludes to the social and party lifestyle which comes with studying there.



Summer is here and holidays should be flying off the shelves but for an extra boost to sales why not consider a whistle-stop tour of your locations which highlights the most beautiful and interesting places you offer?

Wanderlust is an emotion. It says so on the internet so it must be true! Tap into your target market’s desire to experience the world, to discover new cultures, to boldly go where no one has gone before. Evoke that longing with subtly lit cathedrals, bright beaches and clear oceans, bustling cities and peaceful mountain tops. How would they feel in those places? For extra punch, end with a harsh dose of reality; cut to a dreary looking house on a dull street, people at work or simply at home watching your ad on the telly.

If you want to nail emotional marketing we can help. Whether you’re in one of these industries or a totally different one, get in touch.