Nero Xbox One

26th April, 2015

DHP are excited to announce the development of an in house interactive game development arm.

Photo realistic stills for My Boori website

26th April, 2015

The “My Boori” website just went live. Our job was to create photo realistic stills of the Boori furniture, so customers could create their own personal Boori nursery room online. We have worked on stills for Boori in the past, and so you may be thinking that this would be quite a straightforward project…

SEO for your online video

23rd April, 2015

So you have a video online and no ones watching it… here are some SEO tips to get your video noticed.

We have all heard the phrase “Content is king” well with video SEO this is not exactly the case. Your video could be saying all of the right things and contain all of the content people could ever want, but this is not text so will not affect your SEO. So yes create an amazing video but compliment it with amazing text.

Our top tips for filming on the go

13th April, 2015

We know all to well it can be a hassle lugging that heavy camera and all the equipment around on a shoot, even if you do have some lovely people helping you out. So although we can’t make the equipment lighter we have come up with some handy hints to make the day run as smoothly as possible.