A businessman holding an iPad, clenching his fist and looking motivated, a highrise building behind him

Marketing Tips

5 creative ways to use video in B2B marketing

17th June, 2019

Professional is not a synonym for boring! With LinkedIn video posts generated more than 300 million impressions in just one year after they launched... read more

Woman on a beach facing away from the camera, her arms up as the sun hits her

Marketing Tips

How to nail emotional marketing

4th June, 2019

Or “why you should aim to make people feel, not think.” High up in the list of 2019 video marketing trends is brands taking... read more

The silhouette of many hands in the air, behind them red, party lights and a sign saying "community"

Marketing Tips

3 ideas to increase social media engagement

27th May, 2019

Because Zuck doesn’t like it unless your audience does. Just putting out content isn’t enough anymore; every brand and its mother has a social... read more

Someone lying outside on a blanket reading a book about digital marketing.

Marketing Tips

Why your ad budget needs to pivot to social

13th May, 2019

In the immortal words of Ross from Friends, “PIVOT!” Social ads are currently dramatically cheaper than traditional forms of advertising and yet precious few... read more

A creatively lit football stadium screenshot from a sports social campaign

Marketing Tips

Why community should be driving your social campaigns

30th April, 2019

Because who doesn’t love sell, sell, sell accounts on social?! It really doesn’t matter if you’re a personal brand or a global name, social... read more

brexit video marketing flags

Marketing Tips

Brexit Video Marketing: How To Reassure Uncertain Customers

26th March, 2019

Hard Brexit. Soft Brexit. No Deal. Some Deal. Happy Meal. Who even knows what we’re in for any more?   Brexit has been shaping... read more

Marketing Tips

How The Finance Sector Can Bring Marketing Videos To Life Using Drama

11th March, 2019

Finance is only sexy when you’re counting your millions, amirite?   But even the most hard-going, intricate and – dare we say it –... read more

viral video ingredients mario kart flash mob

Marketing Tips

6 Crucial Viral Video Ingredients For The Tech Industry

25th February, 2019

Hands up who spent their childhood playing Mario Kart? Of course you did. We all did. Mario Kart is one of the few things... read more

video marketing IGTV phone filming

Marketing Tips

Video Marketing Tips For An IGTV Channel That Can’t Fail

25th February, 2019

Question: How much video marketing work have you been putting into your brand’s Instagram?   Lots, probably. Especially if your company is a very... read more

video production 2019 conversation

DHP Thoughts

Video Marketing In 2019: The DHP Studios Whitepaper

15th January, 2019

2019 promises to be the most exciting yet for video marketing. The following whitepaper – crammed with stats, predictions, debate and recommendations – is... read more

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